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Melody Power Recliner & Footstool

Get three chairs in one with the Melody range. It rocks, it swivels, it reclines! Choose a size to fit and add functions to take the comfort to another level.

Riga Recliner & Footstool

Topped with exquisite tailoring and a height adjustable headrest. Riga's neatly-shaped armrest creates a smooth, stylish effect. A perfect addition to your home.

Wing Recliner & Footstool

The Wing blends lasting style with unparalleled support. With its height adjustable headrest, you can find the perfect resting position whether watching TV or reading your favourite novel.

Magic Recliner & Footstool

The distinctive, padded design of Magic provides a sumptuous seating experience without compromising on style - The perfect embrace at the end of a long day.